Paula Smith's Family History - New

***LAST UPDATED: 14th April 2005***

  • Joseph New (unknown-1848)
  • Richard New (1814-1856)
  • Richard New (1841-1880)
  • Ellen Mary New (1873-unknown)



***UPDATED         14th April 2005 ***



  • Joseph New  (unknown - 1848)
married Mary Bradfield (1778 - 1840)  in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Joseph New - Baptised 1802 in South Moreton, Berkshire. Died 1862, Abingdon.
  2. Sarah New - Born and baptised 1804.
  3. Priscilla New - Born Christmas Day, 1808. Baptised 1809. Died 1811, aged 2 years.
  4. Eliza New - Born and baptised 1812.
  5. Richard New - Born and baptised 1814. Died 1856.
  6. Jeremiah New - Born Boxing Day, 1815, baptised 1816. Died 1823, aged 7 years.
I have been unable to find a marriage entry for Joseph and Mary. All the children, except Joseph, were baptised in Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire. This village was also Mary's place of birth. All the baptism entries noted Joseph as being a soldier.

Fom the 2nd July 1803 until 10 June 1815 Joseph was a soldier in the local Berkshire Militia. For his services he was paid 1 shilling per day. I don't think Joseph went abroad at all, and there was no notes of him being called to duty. On his death certificate, and on Richard's marriage certificate, Joseph was noted as having been a baker. I don't know if he was working as a baker during his time in the militia.

In 1808 the Sutton Courtenay records noted:

"Bastardy order 8th Feb 1808 agaist James Woodley the younger yeoman, late of Sutton Courtenay the reputed father of a male bastard child born 1st August 1798 in Sutton Courtenay to Mary New now the wife of Joseph New late Mary Bradfield singlewoman - she is awarded £14.15.0 for lying an and maintenance to date and thence forth 20d weekly.  Mary to pay 12d weekly if she does not nurse and care for the child herself."

In 1798 Mary had an illegitimate son, James Woodley Bradman. He was baptised at Sutton Courtenay. I don't know if Mary did actually bring up this son herself.

In 1817 the Sutton Coutenary records noted:

"Removal order dated 8th May 1817 From Sutton Courtenay to St Helens in the brough of Abingdon of Joseph New, Mary his wife and 4 children, Sarah 13, Eliza 4, Richard 3 and Jeremiah 1"

There was no mention of Joseph (1802) and James Bradfield, although i think that Joseph did also move (at some point) to Abingdon.

Priscilla died in 1811 aged 2 years, apparently she burnt to death - as noted in the parish records. Jeremiah died in 1823 aged 7 years. He was buried at Abingdon St Helen.

Joseph died in 1848 aged 70 years. Mary died in 1840 aged 61 years.

  • Richard New (1814 - 1856)

    married Mary Ann Short (1817 - 1899) at St. Nicholas Church, Abingdon, Berkshire, in 1839. Known children:
    1. Richard New - Died Oxford, 1880.
    2. Eliza New - Died 1868.
    3. William New
    4. Ann New - Died aged 18 years in 1873.
When Richard and Mary married they were 24 and 22 years old respectively. Neither had been married before and both were from the Abbey area of Abingdon. Richard's father, Joseph, was noted as being a baker. Mary's father, William, was noted as being a bargeman. They were married by banns and the witnesses were W. Taylor and James Fisher (possibly the curate as appeared in several marriage entries).

Eliza and Ann were both noted as being of Thames Street on their burial entries. Eliza was also noted as having been buried in the cemetery.

The 1841 and 1851 census records show the family were living in Thames Street. In 1851 Mary's 83 year old grandmother, Elizabeth Baker, and two of her brothers, George and Jonathan, were living in the same house, but as part of a different household.

Richard died aged 42 years in 1856. He was buried at St. Helen's Church, Abingdon.

The 1871 census shows Mary Ann living with her daughter Ann and her brother Jonathan Short. The 1881 census shows Mary (noted as Ann) living with her widowed brother William Short and his son, also William. These two census records show Mary was working as a laundress. At the time of the 1891 census, Mary (again noted as Ann) was living in the Almshouse on Brick Alley in Abingdon.

Mary died in Abingdon aged 83 years, in 1899.

  • Richard New (1841 - 1880)

    married Mary Susan Simpson (1843 - 1891) in St Thomas Parish Church, Oxford, August 1867. Known children:

    1. William Joseph SImpson - Born 1867.
    2. Annie New - Baptised 1869.
    3. Ellen Eliza New - Baptised 1871. Died 1873 aged 1 year.
    4. Ellen Mary New - Born Oxford, 1873. Baptised 1873. Married Henry Charles Rawlings Oxford, 1899.
    5. Susan Harriet New - Born Oxford, 1878. Baptised 1878.

Richard and Mary Susan - known as Susan - were 26 and 24 years old respectively. Susan's father, Joseph, worked as a boatman. Richard was also working as a boatman.

The four girls were all baptised at St Thomas' Church. As of yet i haven't found a baptism entry for William. In the 1891 and 1901 census records, William gave his surname as being Simpson. William was born in the second quarter of 1867 (April/May/June). Richard and Susan were married in August 1867. I am assuming that Richard was his father.

On Ellen's birth certificate, Richard was noted as being a general labourer. Her birth was registered by Susan New. Susan had made a cross and it was noted as her mark. Presumably Susan was unable to write.

The 1871 census shows the family were living next door to Susan's mother, Ellen. Also living with Ellen was Susan's 4 year old son, William. Richard is noted as being from Abingdon, Berkshire, and working as a canal coal man.

Richard died in 1880 of TB, his death was registered by an Ellen Simpson - Susan's mother. So in the 1881 census Mary Susan was a widow. She was living in Oxford and working as a charwoman. By the time of the 1891 census the eldest two children, William and Annie, were not living with the family. Susan was still working as a charwoman and Ellen was working as a tailoress. The 1891census shows that Susan and her family were living next door to her mother, Ellen, and her brothers. The 1891 census also gives Susan's age as being 40. This was incorrect, she was actually about 48 years. Susan died in 1891.