Paula Smith's Family History - Bradfield

***Last Updated 26th April 2005 ***
  • Robert Bradfield (unknown- 1718)
  • John Bradfield (1677/8-1745)
  • Robert Bradfield (1723-unknown)

  • Robert Bradfield (unknown - 1718)

married Elizabeth in an unknown year. Known child:
  1. John Bradfield - Baptised 1677/8 in Sutton Courtenay.
John was baptised in February 1678. Due to the calender running from 26th March to 25th March (unlike the current 1st January to 31st December) the year of his baptism is not the year we would think of. In the current equivalent calender John was baptised in 1677.

Robert was buried at Sutton Courtenay in 1718.

  • John Bradfield (1677/8 - 1745)
married Mary Chiles at Sutton Courtenay Parish Church in 1720. Known children:
  1. Martha Bradfield - Baptised 1721.
  2. Robert Bradfield - Baptised 1722. Buried 1722.
  3. Robert Bradfield - Baptised 1723.
  4. John Bradfield - Baptised 1728.
All the children were baptised at Sutton Courtenay Parish Church. Their eldest son was buried two weeks after his baptism.

John died in 1745 and was buried at Sutton Courtenay.

  • Robert Bradfield (1723 - unknown)
married Sarah Russ at Sutton Courtenay Parish Church, Berkshire, in 1774. Known children:
  1. John Bradfield - Baptised 1775.
  2. William Bradfield - Baptised 1777.
  3. Mary Bradfield - Baptised 1778. Married Joseph New. Died 1840, Abingdon.
Robert and Sarah were married by licence. The witnesses to their marriage were John Russ (presumably a relative of Sarah's) and James Bridgman.

All the children were baptised in Sutton Courtenay. John and William were baptised in private cermonies.

I haven't been able to find burial records for Robert or Sarah.

In 1798 Mary had an illegitimate son, James Woodley Bradman. He was baptised at Sutton Courtenay.

In 1808 the Sutton Courtenay records noted:

"Bastardy order 8th Feb 1808 agaist James Woodley the younger yeoman, late of Sutton Courtenay the reputed father of a male bastard child born 1st August 1798 in Sutton Courtenay to Mary New now the wife of Joseph New late Mary Bradfield singlewoman - she is awarded £14.15.0 for lying an and maintenance to date and thence forth 20d weekly.  Mary to pay 12d weekly if she does not nurse and care for the child herself."

I don't know if Mary did actually bring up this son herself.