Paula Smith's Family History - Simpson

***LAST UPDATED: 13th March 2005***

  • Robert Simpson (b.abt1775-1838)
  • Joseph Simpson (1817-1854)
  • Mary Susan Simpson (1843-1891)







  • Robert Simpson (b.abt 1775 - 1838)
married Susanna Tenant (b.abt 1769 - 1836) at Eynsham Parish Church, 1801. Children:
  1. Sarah Simpson - Baptised 1801. Married Samuel Humphries, Eynsham, 1822.
  2. William Simpson - Baptised 1803.
  3. John Simpson - Baptised 1806.
  4. Rachael Simpson - Baptised 1807.
  5. Solomon Simpson - Baptised 1810. Buried 1811.
  6. Joseph Simpson - Baptised 1817.
Neither Robert nor Susanna were from Eynsham but married and settled there. At the time of Joseph's baptism, Robert was noted as being a labourer. All the children were baptised at Eynsham Parish Church. Solomon was buried at Eynsham, as were Robert and Susanna. Robert was 63 years old when he died in 1838. Susanna was 67 years old when she died in 1836.

By coincidence, the Simpson family knew the Humphries branch of my family tree. I find this intriguing because the Humphries branch is on my mothers side, while the Simpson branch is on my fathers side. The older sister of  Joseph Simpson (my paternal 4xgreat grandfather), Sarah, married Ann Humphries' (my maternal 4xgreat grandmother) younger brother Samuel. Both Ann and Joseph, after their respective marriages, both moved to different parts of Oxford where their children and grandchildren again moved to different parts of Kent and London. These families were finally connected once again when my parents married in Fulham, 1974! Click here to view the Humphries branch of my family tree. Alternatively, click here to see a family tree drawn out showing the connection between the two branches of my family.

It also seems as though the two families were friends as the children of both families were witnesses at each others weddings. When William Simpson married Mary King in 1826, Samuel Humphries  was once of the witnesses, along with Rachael Simpson. When Samuel Humphries and Sarah Simpson married in 1822, two of the witnesses were Thomas Humphries and Mary Riddle. Mary had also been a witnesses at the first two marriages of Ann Humphries.

  • Joseph Simpson (1817 - 1854)
married Ellen Bossom (1823 - 1899) at St Thomas' Parish Church, Oxford, in 1844. Children:
  1. Mary Susan Simpson - Born 1843. Baptised 1845, aged 2 years. Married Richard New in 1867.
  2. Robert Simpson - Baptised 1845. Died 1845 aged 5 weeks.
  3. Joseph Simpson - Baptised 1846. Died 1848 aged 2 years.
  4. Sarah Simpson - Baptised 1849. Died 1851 aged 2 years.
  5. Anne Simpson - Baptised 1851. Died 1853 aged 1 year.
  6. Joseph Simpson - Baptised 1854.
When Joseph and Ellen married they were both of full age and were both living in Fisher Row, Oxford. Neither of them had been married before. Joseph was working as a boatman, and his father - Richard - had been a labourer. Ellen's father, Charles Bossom, was a bargeman. Ellen and Charles were part of the well-known Bossom family of Bargemen in Oxford. Click here to view the family tree as laid out by Graham Thomas, or alternatively, click here for the family tree as laid out by Charles Bossom. Both Graham and Charles are descendents of the Bossom family. The witnesses are their marriage were John Humphries and M. Lewis.

Mary Susan - known as Susan - was born a few months before Joseph and Ellen married.  All the children were baptised at St. Thomas' Church. The children who died at an early age were also buried at St Thomas. Joseph died in 1854 of smallpox, aged 38 years. He too was buried at St. Thomas church. Ellen died in 1899.

The 1871 census shows Ellen living next door to her daughter Susan and family. Living with Ellen was her son Joseph, another son George and her grandson William. William was Susan's illegitimate son. Ellen's son George was born 3 years after her husband Joseph died. I have found a baptism entry for a George Simpson born 1857 at St Thomas' Church. He was the son of George and Helen Simpson. George was a boatman, and the family were living in Hythe Bridge. Its possible Ellen's name was mistranscribed as Helen, but who George was I don't know. George is also living with Ellen during the 1881 and 1891 censuses. The 1891 census shows Ellen living in the same yard as her daughter Susan.