Paula Smith's Family History - Strong

***LAST UPDATED: 2nd May 2005***

  • Joseph Strong (unknown)
  • George Strong (1831-1875)
  • Mary Strong (1866-unknown)
  • Florence  Strong (1891-1955)








  • Joseph Strong (unknown)
married Margaret Heath (1808 - 1885) at Halling Parish Church, 1825. Known children:
  1. MaryAnn Strong - Born and baptised 1826, Halling.
  2. Matilda Strong - Born and baptised 1828, Halling.
  3. George Strong - Born and baptised 1831, Halling.
At the time of their marriage, Joseph and Margaret were noted as being a bachelor and a spinster, they were also 'both of this parish'. Joseph signed his name while Margaret signed with a 'X'. The witnesses to the marriage were William Heath (presumably Margaret's father) and Ann Lamb.

The children's baptism records state that Joseph was a labourer.

I don't know what happened to Joseph and Margaret between 1831 and 1881 as I haven't been able to locate them in either the census or parish records until 1881 when Margaret appears in Strood as a widow. Mary died in 1885. She was buried at Strood, and noted as having lived at the Union Workhouse.

  • George Strong (1831 - 1875)
married Sarah Ann Crosswell (1834 - unknown) in Milton (near Gravesend), 1856. Known children:
  1. George Strong - Baptised 1857, Halling, Kent.
  2. Elizabeth Strong - Baptised 1859, Halling, Kent.
  3. William Strong - Baptised 1861, Halling, Kent.
  4. John Strong - Baptised 1863, Halling, Kent.
  5. Mary Strong - Baptised 1866, Halling, Kent.
  6. Edith Strong - Baptised 1869, Halling, Kent. Died 1869 aged 8 months old. Buried in Halling.
  7. Adelaide M. Strong
  8. Arthur Strong - Died 1876 aged 2 and a half years old. Buried in Halling.
The 1841 and 1851 census records show George was living with his grandfather William Heath (see Heath Census Records). The 1861 census shows George living with his family in Halling. Also with the family was George's uncle, Thomas Heath. George worked as an engine driver throughout most of his life.

The eldest six children were all baptised in Halling. I haven't been able to find a baptism for Adelaide or Arthur yet, although Arthur was buried in Halling.

George died in 1875 and is buried at Halling. Sarah went on to remarry - see the Crosswell page for more details.

  • Mary Strong (1866 - unknown)
had a relationship with an unknown person in 1891 and had a child:
  1. Florence Strong - Born 1891 in Gravesend, Kent. Married Francis Stock in 1912.
Married Albert Edward Birchell in Fulham, London, 1896. Known children:
  1. Edith Birchell
  2. Alice Birchell
At the time of Florence's birth Mary was working as a domestic general servant. Florence's father was not mentioned on the birth certificate. Florence's birth was registered two months after the event. At this point Mary was living in the Union Workhouse in Gravesend. I've been unable to lcoate Mary in the 1891 census.

When Mary married Albert Birchell they were noted as being 30 and 37 years old respectively. Albert was a widower while Mary was a spinster. Both gave the same address in Fulham for their residence at time of marriage.

The 1901 census shows the family living in Fulham. Mary was working as a mangling woman with her own account. Florence was recorded as 'Birchell' although she continued to use the name Strong.

Mary was a witness at Florence's wedding.

  • Florence Strong (1891 - 1955)

had a relationship with an unknown person in 1911 and had a child:
  1. Albert Edward Strong - Born 1911 in Fulham, London.
Florence was working as a general domestic servant at the time of Albert's birth. Alberts father was not mentioned on his birth certificate, but it was always believed that Francis Stock was his father, particularly as they only married a year later. Apparently Florence's mother didn't want Florence to marry underage so stopped them from marrying. Albert was brought up by Francis and Florence.

On Florence's marriage certificate she gave her fathers name as being Arthur Stock. I'm not sure why she did this as her mother was unmarried.