Paula Smith's Family History - Stock

***LAST UPDATED: 6th January2004***

  • John Stock (b.abt 1750-1815)
  • John Stock (b.abt 1790-1868)
  • William Stock (b.abt 1825-unknown)
  • Thomas Stock (1858-1920)
  • Francis Littlejohn Stock (1889-1969)
  • Vera Irene Stock (1929-1959)






  • John Stock (b.abt. 1750-1815)

    married Ann Raven at the Parish Church of Roxwell, Essex, in 1782. Known children:
    1. William Stock - Baptized in Roxwell, 1784.
    2. Anne Stock - Baptized in Matching, Essex, 1787. Buried 1804 aged 17 years.
    3. Martha Stock - Baptized in Matching, 1788.
    4. John Stock - Baptized in Matching, 1792.

John and Ann were married by licence. The licence states that John was a shopkeeper living in Matching, Essex, was a bachelor and was over 21 years of age. It also states that Ann was from Roxwell, was a spinster, and was also over the age of 21 years. The marriage was witnessed by Elizabeth Raven and Joseph Raven (relationship to Ann unknown but probably either her parents or siblings). Both John and Ann, as well as the witnesses, could write. The marriage licence did not state why John and Ann were in a rush to get married, Ann may have been pregnant with William as I think they got the children baptized a couple of years after they were born - I certainly think this is the case for John (II) as I believe he was born in 1790. The licence did not give more details regarding the type of shop John (I) owned.

John (I) died in 1815 aged 61. John and his daughter Anne were both buried in the parish churchyard in Matching.

    married (2) Elizabeth Wakelin (sp?) at All Saints Church, High Laver, Essex, in 1820. Known children:
    1. Emma Stock - Buried 1841 aged 22 years.
    2. Elizabeth Stock
    3. John Stock - Buried 1830 aged 6 years.
    4. William Stock
    5. Joseph Stock - Buried 1903 aged 76 years.
    6. James Stock - Buried 1855 aged 27 years.
    7. Edward Stock
    8. Thomas Stock - Buried 1864 aged 33 years.
    9. Rebecca Stock

When John and Elizabeth married, John was noted as being a widower and Elizabeth as being a spinster. I have so far been unable to find another marriage entry for John or a burial entry for his first wife. John and Elizabeth were married by banns with the consent of friends. Elizabeth was unable to write as she made her mark on the marriage entry. John could write. The witnesses to the marriage do not appear to be related to either John or Elizabeth.

The parish church, All Saints, has no records of the children being baptized in the church. It may be possible they attended a non-conformist church as William married a non-conformist, Esther Mead - her family attended the Congregational church (later United Reform). The law at the time stated that all couples had to marry in a Church of England church, and non-conformists tended to be buried in Church of England churchyards. People could be baptized in any church regardless of denomination.

The census records over the decades show the family living in High Laver, Essex. John is recorded as being a farmer and then later on as a carpenter.

John died in 1868 aged 78. Elizabeth died in 1869 aged 68 although I believe she was a few years older. All members of the family with mentions of when buried were buried in All Saints churchyard, High Laver.

  • William Stock (b.abt 1825-unknown)

    married Esther Mead (1824-1869) in the Parish Church of Sheering, Essex, in 1849. Known children:
    1. Emma Stock
    2. Louisa Stock (? - unsure about)
    3. George Stock - Died 1852 aged 14 months.
    4. James Stock - Died 1858 aged 4 years.
    5. Joseph Stock
    6. Thomas Stock - Born Sheering, 1858. Died Fulham, 1920
    7. Arthur Stock
    8. Elizabeth Stock
    9. Clara Stock
    10. John Stock

    William and Esther were both of full age when they married. William was recorded as being as carpenter, as was his father John. Esther's father, William Mead, was recorded as being a shopkeeper. The marriage was witnessed by William Holgate, Esther's brother-in-law, and Commelia Mead, Esther's sister.

    None of the children were christened in the Parish Church. I'm currently investigating into whether the children were christened in the local Congregational Church wich Esther's family belonged to.

    In the 1851 census the family were living with Esther's parents, William and Elizabeth, in Sheering. I have been unable to locate the family in the 1861 census. Esther died in 1869, she and her sons George and James were buried in Sheering Parish Churchyard. In the 1871 census I have been unable to locate William but have found the children living in Sheering with Commelia Mead, their aunt. From the 1881 census I have found: Emma Stock working as a cook for a solicitor in Kingston-On-Thames; Louisa Stock (born in Sheering and as were no other families named Stock have presumed is a child of William and Esther) working as a general servant for a doctor in Lee, Kent; Arthur Stock was working as an agricultural labourer in Sheering and living with his aunt Commelia; Clara Stock working as a domestic housemaid for an old lady (who employed several servants so must have been fairly weathly) in Long Ditton, Surrey; John Stock was working as a agricultural labourer and was staying in a public house (inn) in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire - this is only a few miles away from Sheering. William was also staying in a different public house (inn) in Sawbridgeworth when the 1881 census was taken although it was on the same road. He was still working as a carpenter. I have been unable to locate any of the other children including Thomas.

    In the 1891 census, William was living at The Union Workhouse in Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire.

  • Thomas Stock (1858-1920)

    married Mary Littlejohns (1861-unknown) at the Fulham Registry Office, Fulham, London in 1884. Known children:
    1. Henry Thomas Stock - born Fulham, 1885.
    2. Edward George Stock - died 1892 aged 5 years.
    3. Francis Littlejohn Stock, born Kensington, London in 1889 - died of bronchitis and emphysema in Folkestone, Kent, 1969. Buried in North Sheen Cemetery, London. Younger twin of Frederick by 20 minutes.
    4. Frederick Littlejohn Stock, born Kensington, 1889 - died 1890. Cause of death noted as convulsions. Elder twin of Francis by 20 minutes.
    5. Edgar John Stock - died 1891/1892 aged 1 year.
    6. Albert Bruce Stock - born Fulham, 1893.
    7. Arthur William Stock - born Fulham, 1895. Was in the East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) during WWI, died 1915 aged 20. Is buried in Belgium.
    8. Elsie Clara Stock - born Fulham, 1898

Thomas and Mary were 26 and 23 years old respectively when they got married. Thomas was a horsekeeper, his father - William - was a carpenter. Mary did not work at the time of marriage, her father - George Littlejohn - was a labourer. At the time of the births of Francis and Frederick, the family were living in Kensington, London.

According to the 1891 census the family were living in Hammersmith, London. It was noted that Mary was born in Letcombe, Devon, this was incorrect as she was actually born in Sutcombe, Devon. Also living with the family was Thomas' younger brother, Arthur. Both Thomas and Arthur were working as horsekeepers

In the 1901 census Thomas was still a horsekeeper and the eldest son, Henry, was working as a greengrocer.

Thomas died in 1920 at the age of 62 years. His cause of death was haemorrhage into Pons Varolii, there was no post mortem. Thomas' occupation was noted as van lamp cleaner (caterers). Mary registered his death.

  • Francis Littlejohn Stock (1889-1969)

    married Florence Strong (1891-1955) at Fulham Registry Office, London in 1912. Known children:
    1. Arthur W. Stock - born and died in Fulham, 1914.
    2. Alice M. Stock - born and died in Fulham, 1918
    3. Florence E. Stock - born Fulham 1920, died Folkstone, 2000. Married Herbert Frederick Smith (not related to any other Smith's in my family) in 1944. Children:
      1. Keith Smith - Twin of Gloria.
      2. Gloria Smith - Twin of Keith.
      3. Ronald Smith - Died 1973.
      4. Valerie Smith
    4. Francis T. Stock - born Fulham 1924. Died 1977.
    5. Leonard G. Stock - born Fulham 1928. Married Ann Soley in 1953. Children:
      1. Barrie Stock
      2. Julie Stock
    6. Vera Irene Stock - born Fulham 1929, died of stomach cancer, Fulham 1959. Buried in North Sheen Cemetery, London. Married John Thomas Smith in 1949.
    7. Reginald D. Stock - born Fulham 1930. Married Patricia Arnold in 1950. Child:
      1. Ann Stock
    8. Ronald Stock - born Fulham 1932.

Francis and Florence were recorded as being 23 and 21 years old respectively when they got married in 1912. Florence was in fact only 20 years old. Francis was working as a greengrocer, while no occupation was recorded for Florence. Thomas Stock - the father of Francis - was a groom at the time of the marriage, while Arthur Strong - the father of Florence - was deceased but had been a general labourer.

Another child, Edward (Ted) Strong (born 1910/1911), was brought up in the family. Ted was Florences child born out of wedlock, it was always assumed that Francis was his father but this is unsure. Ted married Joyce Smith, the sister of Herbert who married Florence junior.

Francis served in the Dorsetshire Regiment during World War I. In February 1919 Francis was awarded the Military Medal - I have not yet been able to find out the reason why. He was also awarded other medals but he didn't keep them or the paperwork attached with them. He used to allow his children to play with the medals and over the years they got lost or disappeared.

Francis died in 1969 of bronchitis and emphysema. A post-mortem to establish the cause of death was carried out without an inquest.