Paula Smith's Family History - Crosswell

***LAST UPDATED: 4th September 2005***

  • John Crosswell (unknown-1866)
  • John Crosswell (1808-1887)
  • Sarah Ann Crosswell (1834-unknown)







  • John Crosswell (unknown - 1866)
married Ann Coucher (1786 - 1865) at East Malling, Kent, in 1808. Known children:
  1. John Crosswell - Born and baptised 1808.
  2. Henry Crosswell - Born and baptised 1810.
  3. James Crosswell - Baptised 1814.
  4. Theophilus Crosswell - Baptised 1820.
John and Ann married three months after the birth of their first child, John. It was noted that they were both from East Malling. They were married by banns. One witness was noted at the wedding, an Elizabeth Coucher - presumably the mother or sister of Ann.

All the children were baptised at West Malling in Kent. The census records show a son named William who was born around 1820. I haven't been able to find any trace of his baptism so i can only presume that William and Theophilus are actually the same person.

Throughout all of the census records John stated that he was born in Plaxtol, Kent.

John died in 1866 aged 83 years old.

  • John Crosswell (1808 - 1887)
married Susannah Reeves (1813 - 1904) at Wateringbury, Kent, in 1833. Known children:
  1. Sarah Ann Crosswell - Born and baptised 1834, West Malling. Married George Strong in 1856.
  2. Harriet Crosswell - Born and baptised 1836, West Malling.
  3. John Theophilus Crosswell - Born and baptised 1838, West Malling.
  4. William Crosswell - Born and baptised 1841, Luddesdown, Kent.
  5. Elizabeth Crosswell - Baptised 1843, Luddesdown.
  6. Henry Crosswell - Baptised 1846, Luddesdown.
  7. Mary Crosswell - Baptised 1849, Luddesdown.
  8. George Crosswell - Baptised 1858, Halling, Kent.
  9. Maria Crosswell.- Baptised 1858, Halling.
John was noted as being a labourer on all the children's baptism records. Although Mary was baptised at Luddesdown, the family were noted as being from Snodland. According to the census records George and Maria were not twins even though they were baptised on the same day - George was about 3 years older than Maria.

The 1841 census shows Sarah living with her aunt, Elizabeth Reeves (see Reeves census records) in West Malling while her parents were in Luddesdown. Throughout the census records John gave his place of birth as Wrotham or Plaxtol. He may have been born one of these parishes but he was baptised at West Malling.

John was buried at Halling in 1887 aged 78 years old.

The 1891 census shows a widowed Susannah living with her daugher Elizabeth and her family. Susannah died at the Union Workhouse in Strood in 1904, aged 90 years old. I haven't been able to find Susannah in the 1901 Census.

  • Sarah Ann Crosswell (1834 - unknown)
married (1) George Strong at Milton near Gravesend in 1856. To see their children and more information about their marriage click on George's link.

married (2) Frederick Baldwin at Meopham in 1882. No known children.

When Sarah married Frederick she was 45 and he was 35 years old. Frederick hadn't been married before and they married by banns.