Paula Smith's Family History - Mead

***LAST UPDATED: 6th January 2006***

  • William Mead (unknown)
  • William Mead (b.abt 1778-1859)
  • Esther Mead (1824-1869)







  • William Mead (unknown)
married Mary Partner in Great Dunmow, Essex, 1777. Known children:
  1. William Mead - Christened 1778, Great Dunmow. Died Sheering 1859.
  2. Thomas Mead - Christened 1780, Great Dunmow.

  • William Mead (b.abt 1778 - 1859)

    married Elizabeth in an unknown year. Known children:
    1. Hephziba Mede - Born 1806, christened 1807.
    2. Rebekah Mead - Born and christened 1811.
    3. Camillia Mead - Born and christened 1814. Died and buried in Sheering, Essex 1883.
    4. Rachel Mede - Born and christened 1817.
    5. Rhoda Mede - Born 1819, christened 1820.
    6. Sampson Mede - Born 1821, christened 1823. Died and buried in Sheering, 1826.
    7. Esther Mead - Born 1824, christened 1826. Married William Stock in 1849. Died and buried in Sheering, 1869.
William and Elizabeth were members of the Congregational Church, this could account for the religious names they gave all their children. The eldest six children were all christened at Baddow Lane Old Chapel/Old Meeting House in Chelmsford. Esther was christened at the Independent Church in Hatfield Heath. The change in venue probably coincided with the family moving from Writtle to Sheering. In these early records the name was spelt Mede and Mead, although the spelling stayed as Mead in later years.

William worked throughout his life as a miller and shopkeeper. When living in Writtle he worked at Johns Writtle Mill.

When the 1841 census was taken, William was not with the family, he was at Sheering Mill so had probably already started work for the night.

I have found a burial record for an Elizabeth Mead in Sheering but the age is a few years out, recorded as 64 years so i can't be sure this is the correct Elizabeth.

Camillia was christened with that particular spelling but by the later years of her life this was written as Commelia. Rachel went on to marry Peter Brown in Sheering in 1837. Presumably Rachel and Peter were the parents of Deborah Brown seen with the family in the 1851 census. Rhoda went on to marry William Holgate in Sheering in 1843. William Holgate was one of the witnesses at Esther's wedding to William Stock (the other witness being Commelia).