Paula Smith's Family History - Littlejohns

***LAST UPDATED: 11th November 2005***

  • Edward Littlejohns (unknown-1849)
  • George Littlejohns (1831-unknown)
  • Mary Littlejohns (1861-unknown)







  • Edward Littlejohns (unknown - 1849)

    married Ann Milford (1803 - unknown) at Cookbury Parish Church, Devon, in 1831. Known children:
    1. George Littlejohns - Christened in Cookbury Parish Church, 1831.
    2. John Littlejohns - Christened in Cookbury Parish Church, 1834. Married Ann. Known children:
      1. Anne Littlejohns
      2. Eva Littlejohns
    3. Mary Littlejohns - Christened in Hollacombe Parish Church, Devon, in 1836.
    4. Jane Littlejohns - Christened in Hollacombe Parish Church, 1841.

Edward and Ann's marriage entry states that they were both 'sojourners'. This meant they were not permanent residents in the parish. To be a permanent resident they had to have lived in the parish for the last 'year and a day'. It does seem as though Ann was born in the parish so this was possibly the reason why they married there.

Edward seems to have worked as a labourer throughout his life as this was the job mentioned on his children's christening entries and on George's marriage certificate. In the 1881 census John was working as a farm labourer.

When Edward died in 1849, of atrophia, he was still living in Hollacombe. His death was registered by an Elizabeth Yelland of Hoslwothy. In the 1851 census, Jane was living with Elizabeth. Its not yet known whether she was related to the family, but she does seem to have been a part of the familys life. I'm presuming Ann had already died by 1851 as i've been unable to find her in the census.

  • George Littlejohns (1831 - unknown)

    married Mary Jones (1834 - unknown) at the Parish Church of Sutcombe, Devon, in 1856. Known children:
    1. Ann Littlejohns
    2. George Littlejohns - Baptised Sutcombe, 1859
    3. Mary Littlejohns - Born and baptised Sutcombe, 1861. Married Thomas Stock in Fulham, London, 1884.
    4. Alice Littlejohns
    5. Thomas Littlejohns. Married Eliza. Known children:
      1. Mary Littlejohns
      2. William Littlejohns
      3. Henry Littlejohns
      4. Hettie Littlejohns
      5. Kathleen Littlejohns
    6. Jane Littlejohns
    7. Fanny Littlejohns
    8. Ellen Littlejohns
    9. Edward Littlejohns
    10. Henry Littlejohns
    11. Frederick Littlejohns

George and Mary were 24 and 22 years old respectively when they married in 1856, neither had been married before, although Mary had an illegitmate son. George was living in Pyworthy and Mary was living in Sutcombe. At the time of their marriage, George was working as a servant, and Mary's father - John Jones - was working as a labourer. One of the witnesses was a Mary Littlejohns - presumably George's sister. Neither George, Mary or the witnesses could write as they all made their mark on the marriage certificate.

After marrying, George became a labourer. He is recorded as being a labourer until the 1901 census when, at the age of 69, he was recorded as working as an iron founders labourer. The 1901 census shows two children living with George and Mary, Frederick aged 9 and Winifred aged 3. The children were noted as being the nephew and niece of George. As yet I've not found their birth entries to confirm whether they were the nephew/niece or grandchildren of George. Winifred was born in Fulham, London. George's daughter Mary was living in Hammersmith, the district next to Fulham, so it could be a possibility that one of Mary's siblings was visiting her when Winifred was born.