Paula Smith's Family History - Pope

***LAST UPDATED: 14th April 2005***
  • William Pope (unknown)
  • William Pope (1699/1700-
  • unknown)
  • William Pope (1728/9 -1811)
  • Elizabeth Pope (1758-1839)






  • William Pope (unknown)
married unknown in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Elizabeth Pope - Baptised 1696.
  2. William Pope - Baptised 1700 (1699).
  3. Alice Pope - Baptised 1705.
All the children were baptised at Hanborough Parish Church. There was no mention of their mother.

Among the burial records of Hanborough were burials for an Elizabeth Pope in 1703, William Pope in 1710, and Elizabeth Pope in 1714. As no ages were noted i can't be sure as to who the burial records correspond with.

  • William Pope (1699/1700 - unknown)
married Mary Camden (1703 - unknown) at Hanborough Parish Church, Oxfordshire, in 1726. Known children:
  1. William Pope - Baptised 1728 (1729), Hanborough.
  2. Thomas Pope - Baptised 1731, Hanborough.
  3. Mary Pope - Baptised 1732 (1733), Hanborough.
  4. Hannah Pope - Baptised 1734, Hanborough.
  5. Ann Pope - Baptised 1736 (1737), Hanborough.
Before 1752, the first day of the New Year was 26th March so, for example, 25th March 1750 would have been followed by 26th March 1751. The system continued until the calender was changed in 1751 so that 31st December was followed by 1st January 1752. All events before 1752 that occurred between 1st January and 25th March in a given year would, according to our modern calender, have occurred a year later than actually recorded at the time. The dates given above were the years recorded at the time of the baptism. The dates in brackets are for the modern calender. If there are no brackets then the baptism occurred after March of that year, so fall in line with the modern calender.

  • William Pope (1728/9 - 1811)

married Elizabeth Harbuk (1729/30 - 1801) at Hanborough Parish Church, Oxfordshire, in 1752. Known children:
  1. Sarah Pope - Baptised 1753, Hanborough. Died 1769. Buried at Hanborough.
  2. Mary Pope - Baptised 1755, Hanborough. Died 1760. Buried at Hanborough.
  3. Hannah Pope - Baptised 1758, Hanborough. Twin of Elizabeth. Died 1759. Buried at Hanborough.
  4. Elizabeth Pope - Baptised 1758, Hanborough. Twin of Hannah. Married William Humphries in Burford, 1784. Died 1839.
  5. Ann Pope - Baptised 1760, Hanborough. Died 1769. Buried at Hanborough.
  6. Mary Pope - Baptised 1766, Hanborough.
  7. Anna Maria Pope - Baptised 1769, Hanborough.
On William and Elizabeth's marriage entry, her surname is spelt as 'Harbuk'. I think this name should have been 'Herbert'. Its possible it was transcribed phonetically by a vicar who couldn't understand the local accent.

William was baptised in March 1728 of the old calender, 1729 of the modern calender (see above). Elizabeth was baptised in 1729 of the old calender, 1730 of the modern calender.

Sarah and Ann were buried on the same day, 5 November 1769. Beside their burial entry it was noted that they had had a sore throat. This was also noted for the six other people who were all buried between September and December 1769. During this time these ill people were the only people buried. It's possible there was an illness sweeping through the village.

The two Elizabeth's are part of my direct female line (see the link to the left).