Paula Smith's Family History - Cambden

***LAST UPDATED: 31st August 2005***

  • John Cambden (unknown-1687)
  • Jonah Camden (1630-unknown)
  • Jonas Cambden (1672-1728)
  • Mary Camden (1703-unknown)







  • John Cambden (unknown - 1687)
married Sarah (unknown - 1682) in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Jonas Cambden - Baptised 1630.
  2. John Cambden - Baptised 1634 (1635).
Borth Jonas and John were baptised in North Leigh, Oxfordshire.

So far i haven't been able to find a marriage entry for John and Sarah.

Sarah's burial record states she was the wife of John. John's burial record states he was 'John Camden senior'. No age was given for either Sarah or John.

  • Jonah Cambden (1630 - unknown)
married Sarah (unknown - 1687/1688) in an unknown year. Known child:
  1. Jonah Cambden - Baptised 1672.
It seems as though the names Jonah and Jonas were inter-used. Jonah was baptised in North Leigh.

So far i haven't been able to find a marriage entry for John and Sarah.

The baptism records had a big gap between 1662 and 1671 so i don't know if there were any children before Jonah. I did find a baptism record for an Elizabeth Cambden (daughter of Jonas) in 1756 but i'm not sure if she is the daughter of this Jonah/Jonas.

Sarah's burial record states that she was the wife of Jonah.

  • Jonas Cambden (1672 - 1728)
married Hannah (unknown - 1750) at North Leigh, Oxfordshire, in 1701. Known children:
  1. Mary Cambden - Baptised 1703. Married William Pope at Hanborough.
  2. Hanna Cambden - Baptised 1704 (1705).
  3. Martha Cambden - Baptised 1706.
  4. Anne Cambden - Baptised 1712.
  5. Thomas Cambden - Baptised 1713.
  6. William Cambden - Baptised 1713.
When Jonas and Hannah married it was noted that Jonas was a bachelor while Hannah was a widow - her surname at the time of the marriage was Barfoot although i don't know if this was her maiden name or her married name.. They married by banns.

All the children were baptised at North Leigh. The date of Hanna's baptism is also in brackets as the date fell in 1704 in the old calender, but in 1705 in the modern calender. The dates for all the other children correspond to the modern calender. Thomas and William were baptised on the same day - there was no mention as to whether they were twins or not.