Paula Smith's Family History - Favourite Links






Genealogy Links
  • Ancestry - Huge website containing searchable parish records, census records (1871, 1891, 1901), online directories and much more but to access most of it you do need to subscribe but well worth it.
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Online searchable index to all casualties of the First and Second World War - often includes place of burial, date of death, age at death, action seen by the regiment.
  • Essex Records Office - Based in Chelmsford, contains the parish records of Essex.
  • Family History Online - Pay-by-view databases from the Federation of Family History Societies.
  • Family Records Centre - The centre holds all the census records for England and Wales from 1841-1901 and GRO indexes.
  • Familysearch - Website created by the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Free online searches can be made on the IGI records, 1881 census, and many records from other countries.
  • FreeBMD - Free online searchable database containing the GRO indexes - currently incomplete but progressing fast.
  • FreeCEN - Free online searchable database containing census records for England, Scotland and Wales - still only a small number of records online.
  • Gendocs - Website containing indexes for  Victorian Streets, London Churches, glossary of  ranks, professions, occupations and trades (very useful for finding out about unusual job titles), and much more about London and genealogy in general.
  • How much is that worth today? - Webpage determines the value of old money in modern currency - useful for seeing the modern equivalent of money left in wills etc.
  • London Metropolitan Archives - The majority of London's Parish records are deposited here at the LMA - online index to records deposited. Includes parishes that are now within the modern city boundaries.
  • Old Maps - Free website containing searchable online maps from the 19th century and equivalent   modern aerial photos - useful to see how areas have grown over the last 150 years or so.
  • Registration districts in England and Wales - Useful to find out in which registration district places fall under.
  • University of Leicester Digital Library of Historial Directories - Contains a large number of online searchable directories for places throughout England and Wales.

Other Favourite Links

  • Fulham Football Club - The best team in London! Has been supported by several generations of Smith's over the years, including myself and my dad.
  • Absolute Background Textures - The source of the background images on my webpages - free to download.