Paula Smith's Family History - Humphries

***LAST UPDATED: 2nd January 2005***
  • Thomas Humphries
  • William Humphries (b.abt.1764 -1833)
  • Ann Humphries (1798-1873)
  • Thomas Humphries
married unknown in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. William Humphries - Baptised 1764, Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
  2. Thomas Humphries - Baptised 1766, Charlbury.
  3. Ann Humphries - Baptised 1768, Charlbury.
  4. Mary Humphries - Baptised 1773, Charlbury.
I haven't got any more information on Thomas and his wife. The baptisem records didn't note the name of Thomas' wife. They also don't seem to have married in Charlbury.

  • William Humphries ( b.abt 1764 - 1833)
married Elizabeth Pope (b.abt. 1858 -1839) at Burford Parish Church, Oxfordshire, 1784. Known children:
  1. William Pope Humphries - baptised 1785.
  2. James Humphries - baptised 1787.
  3. Maria Humphries - baptised 1789.
  4. John Humphries - baptised 1792, died 1814.
  5. Thomas Humphries - baptised 1794.
  6. Mary Humphries - baptised1796.
  7. Ann Humphries - baptised 1798, died 1873 Summertown, Oxford.
  8. Samuel Humphries - baptised 1800.
When William and Elizabeth married neither had been married before. Their witnesses were John Midwinter and John Steer.

The three eldest children were all baptised in Burford. The five youngest children were all baptised in Eynsham Parish Church, Oxfordshire.  John was buried in Eynsham churchyard in 1814 aged 22 years. William died in 1833 and was recorded as being aged 73 years. It's possible he was actually a few years younger in age. Elizabeth died of old age in 1839, aged 82 years. Both were buried at Eynsham Parish Church.

Elizabeth and Ann are part of my direct female line (see link on left).

  • Ann Humphries (1798 - 1873)
married (1) William Bennett (d. 1818) at Eynsham Parish Church in 1817. Children:
  1. Ann Bennett - born 1817, christened 1817 Eynsham Parish Church.
married (2) Thomas Curtis (1795 - 1841) at Eynsham Parish Church in 1819. Click on Thomas' name to see their family.

married (3) Thomas Bates (d. 1864) in an unknown year.

Ann married William Bennett in June of 1817, her daughter Ann was born in November 1817, so Ann must have been pregnant when she married William. The marriage didn't last long as William died in May 1818. William was noted as being a labourer. One of the witnesses at their marriage was Thomas Humphries (presumably Ann's brother).

Ann married Thomas Curtis the year after Williams death. One of the witnesses at their marriage was  a Mary Riddle. Mary had also been a witness at Ann's first marriage. Thomas died in 1841.

Thomas Bates died in 1864, apparently aged 72 years but I think he was actually aged 62 years, Ann died in 1873 aged 75 years.