Paula Smith's Family History - Jones

***LAST UPDATED: 11th November 2005 ***
  • John  Jones
married Ann Gay at Sutcombe Parish Church, Devon, in 1833. Known children:
  1. Mary Jones - Baptised 1834.
  2. Ann Jones - Baptised 1836.
  3. John Jones - Baptised 1838.
  4. William Jones - Baptised 1840.
  5. Thomas Jones - Baptised 1842.
  6. Grace Jones- Baptised 1845.
  7. Elizabeth Jones - Baptised 1846.
  8. Fanny Jones - Baptised 1851.
  9. Alice Jones - Baptised 1854.
When John and Ann married they were both noted as being of Sutcombe parish. They had married by banns and both signed their names with a 'X'. The witnesses to the marriage were John Evins and Peter Hancock.

All of the children were baptised at Sutcombe parish church. Throughout his life, John worked as an agricultural labourer.

The 1851 census notes John and Ann's ages incorrectly, they should have in fact been about 40 years old.

  • Mary Jones (1834 - unknown)
had a relationship with an unknown person. Known child:
  1. John Jones - Baptised Christmas Day, 1854
married George Littlejohns (1831 - unknown) in 1856. Click on George's link to see more information about Mary and George's children.

Mary's son John was baptised at Sutcombe Parish Church. No mention of a father was made. John was living with his grandparents at the time of the 1861 census but i've not been able to trace him after this date.