Paula Smith's Family History - Hauxwell

***LAST UPDATED: 30th January 2005***

  • Marmaduke Hauxwell
  • Marmaduke Hauxwell (1774-1863)
  • Marmaduke Hauxwell (1803-1827)
  • William Hauxwell (1826-1904)
  • Margaret Annie Hauxwell (1859-1929)




***UPDATED 30th JANUARY 2005***



  • Marmaduke Hauxwell
married Elizabeth in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Mary Hauxwell - Baptised 1773.
  2. Marmduke Hauxwell - Baptised 1774.
  3. Christopher Hauxwell - Baptised 1776.
  4. Francis Hauxwell - Baptised 1781.
All the children were baptised at Spennithorne, North Yorkshire. The name has several variants including Hawxwell and Hawkswell.

  • Marmaduke Hauxwell (1774 - 1863)

married (1) Jane Lye (1778 - 1816) at Masham Parish Church, North Yorkshire, in 1797. Children:
  1. Ann Hauxwell - Baptised 1798.
  2. Elizabeth Hauxwell - Baptised 1801.
  3. Marmaduke Hauxwell - Baptised 1803.
  4. Mary Hauxwell - Baptised 1806.
married (2) Maria. Known children:
  1. Francis Hauxwell - Baptised 1821.
  2. Sarah Hauxwell - Baptised 1823.
  3. Robert Hauxwell - Baptised 1825.
  4. Thomas Hauxwell - Baptised 1827.
  5. Maria Hauxwell - Baptised 1831.
  6. Marmaduke Hauxwell - Baptised 1834.
  7. Jane Hauxwell.
When Marmaduke married Jane they were 21 and 19 years old respectively. They married by banns. Marmaduke signed his name while Jane signed with a 'X'.

Marmaduke lived in Low Ellington, a hamlet of Masham, from the time of his marriage to Jane until his death in 1863. During his life he worked as an agricultural labourer.

Jane died in 1816 approximately 38 years. Her burial record gave her name as being Ann and noted her as being 35 years old. But, her burial entry says she was the wife of Marmaduke so I'm sure I have the correct entry.

Marmaduke remarried a few years later to Maria, who was approximately 30 years younger than himself. Marmaduke then went on to have a second family with Maria. He was aged about 67 years old when his youngest child, Jane, was born.

It seems that after his son Marmaduke's death in 1827, he named his next son to be born after the pair of them (Thomas having been born before Marmduke died). Thomas Hauxwell, born 1827, is the great-grandfather of the famous Hannah Hauxwell, of whom there have been several books written about her and even a television series. Thomas moved away from Low Ellington during his early adult life and settled in Manfield, Yorkshire. So the (tenious) link between myself and Hannah Hauxwell means we are half-fourth cousins, three times removed!

The 1861 census shows that Marmaduke was born in Spennithorne. He was noted as being 91 years old. He was probably about 87 years old. Marmaduke died in 1863 aged 94 years (again he was probably only about 90 years old) of natural decay. His younger son Marmaduke registered the death. Maria outlived Marmaduke by 7 years, dying in 1870 aged 71 years.

Marmaduke and Mary married in Hornby Parish Church. Marmaduke was living in Hornby at the time of their marriage. Mary was living in Arrathorne. Marmaduke was noted as being a farm labourer, Mary was a spinster. The parish record contains both of their signatures so they were both able to write. The marriage was witnessed by John Wade and Elizabeth Hauxwell. Presumably Elizabeth was Marmaduke's sister.

Marmaduke died in 1827 and was buried in Hornby churchyard, he was 24 years old. William was his only child by Mary.

  • William Hauxwell (1826-1904)

    married Margaret Anne Woodward (1832-1897) at the Parish Church, Richmond, Yorkshire, in 1852. Children:
    1. John Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1853. Married Isobel. Known children:
      1. John Butterfield Woodward Hauxwell - Christened Richmond, 1885.
      2. Ernest Reginald Hauxwell - Christened Richmond, 1888
    2. Dora Jane Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1854.
    3. Mary Ann Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1857.
    4. Margaret Annie Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1859. Married Francis Theakston in Richmond, 1887. Died Fulham, London, 1929.
    5. Charles Alfred Hauxwell - Born Richmond 1866. Married Margaret. Known children:
      1. Margaret Annie Hauxwell - Christened Richmond, 1898
      2. Kathleen Pretonia Hauxwell - Christened Richmond, 1900
      3. Henry Hauxwell - Christened Richmond, 1905
    6. Isobel Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1868.
    7. Albert William Hauxwell - Born Richmond, 1876. Died 1956.

When William and Margaret married, William was of 'full age' and Margaret was 20 years old. William was working as a cabinet maker as he would for the rest of his working life. Margaret's father, John, was recorded as being a grocer. One of the witnesses at the wedding was a William Woodward, Margaret's brother.

In the 1851 census, William was living as a lodger in a house on the same road in Richmond as his future wife, Margaret. At this time William was 25 years old and working as a cabinet maker.

The 1861 census shows William and Margaret living with their four oldest children in Newbeggin,Richmond.

In the 1871 census, the family were still living in Newbeggin, Richmond. This area is now spelt ' Newbiggin'. William was a cabinetmaker, and his son John was a cabinet maker's apprentice. William is recorded as employing one man and thirteen young men. Eventually both John and Charles would become cabinet makers.

In the 1881 census, Margaret Annie had left home and was working as a domestic governess in Ferry Fryston, York.

By the time of the 1891 census the family had moved address with Richmond. William was 'living off his own means' so was presumably retired. Three children, Charles, Isobel and Albert, were still living with their parents. Charles and Isobel were not working, Albert was at school. Also living with the family was a female general servant and Jane Woodward. Jane was noted as being unmarried, 92 years old and an aunt of Margaret's.

From the Genuki website I have found two references to a William Hauxwell in Richmond. One reference is regarding 1871 land owners. It states that a William Hauxwell from Newbiggin owns 17 acres 0 roods and 16 perches, with a gross estimated rental of 25 pounds and 1 shilling. The other reference is from the 1890 Bulmers Guide to Richmond. It states that a William Hauxwell is an alderman on the council. In my searches I have not come across another William Hauxwell in Richmond so I am presuming that the two references are to my ancestor William.

Margaret Anne Hauxwell died in Richmond, 1898 aged 65 years old. Her cause of death was dilation of the heart, and the death was registered by her son Charles. To see Margaret's will click here.

The 1901 census online has incorrectly transcribed the surname as 'Hanworth'. I've looked at the original census and it is difficult to read if you didn't already know how the surname was spelt. William was living with his unmarried daughter, Dora Jane, and his son Albert. Albert was working as a solicitors clerk. Also living with the family was a female servant. William died in Richmond, 1904 aged 78 years old. He died from old age. Charles also registered William's death, and was still living in Newbiggin. William left a will - click here to view the will. One point of interest from the will is that two of his daughters - Dora and Isobel - were unmarried and due to their ages at the time of William's death, presumably never married. Mary had married and her surname was Taylor. In Margaret Annie Theakston's will (1929), her sister Isobel was mentioned as being married with her surname being Calvert. So Isobel presumably married after William died.

When looking at the Richmond parish records I came across a christening record of a Margaret Jane Hauxwell on 5 June 1874. She was noted as being the illegitamate daughter of a Mary Hauxwell, spinster. No father was mentioned. As I have not found another Mary Hauxwell in Richmond at that time I assume that this baby was William Hauxwell's grand-daughter. I have not found any reference to her in any of the census records so I do not know what became of her.

I have found references to the inscriptions on the gravestones and tombs in Richmond cemetary. In this cemetary is a cross that says "in loving memory of Margaret Annie beloved wife of William Hauxwell of Richmond. Born 4 March 1832. Died 16 October 1897. Also of the above William Hauxwell born 26 January 1826 died 15 January 1904." Another gravestone found is that of Albert William Hauxwell, it says "In ever loving memory of our dear father Albert William Hauxwell who died 25 May 1956 aged 80 years and .....". Also found was an inscription on a separate gravestone to a Herbert Lionel Woodward Hauxwell who died in 1988 aged 79 years. Due to him having the middle name of Woodward I presume he is related to William Hauxwell, maybe Albert's son.