Paula Smith's Family History - Woodward

***LAST UPDATED: 28th January 2003***

  • William Woodward (unknown)
  • John Woodward (1793-1890)
  • Margaret Annie Woodward (1832-1897)



DIRECT FEMALE LINE ***NEW 22nd   MAY 2004***



  • William Woodward

    married Mary Ware in the Parish of Kirby Ravensworth, Yorkshire in May 1792. Known children:
    1. John Woodward - Born Gayles, Yorkshire in 1793. Died Richmond, Yorkshire, 1890.
    2. Ann Woodward - Born Gayles, Yorkshire, 1794
    3. Mary Woodward - Born Dalton, Yorkshire, 1796
    4. Jane Woodward - Born Dalton, Yorkshire, 1798. Died Richmond, Yorkshire, 1891.

On William and Mary's marriage entry, in the Parish Records of Kirby Ravensworth, no job was noted for William but Mary was noted as being a spinster. William wrote his name in the record but Mary had signed with her mark, so presumably she couldn't write.

The villages of Gayles and Dalton are both in the Kirby Ravensworth Parish.

Jane died aged 93 years. Her death was registered by Charles Hauxwell, the son of her niece Margaret Hauxwell. On her death certificate she was noted as being the daughter of William Woodward, brewer and inn keeper. Jane never married.

  • John Woodward (1793-1890)

    married Ann (d. 1840) in an unknown year. Children:
    1. William Woodward - Born Richmond, 1828. Died Richmond, 1892.
    2. Margaret Annie Woodward - Born Richmond, 1832. Married William Hauxwell in Richmond, 1852. Died Richmond, 1897.
    3. John Woodward - Born Richmond, 1834. Died Richmond, 1852.
    4. Mary Woodward - Born Richmond, 1835. Died Richmond, 1839.
    5. Charles Woodward - Born and died Richmond, 1838. Twin of Christiana.
    6. Christiana Woodward - Born and died Richmond, 1838. Twin of Charles.
    7. Jane Woodward - Born Richmond, 1839. Died Richmond, 1854.

I have searched through the Richmond and Kirby Ravensworth parish records but I've not been able to find the marriage banns of John and Ann. Ann died at the age of 39 years.

Margaret's christening record says that John (a widower) was a shopkeeper. From the census records I've found out that he was a grocer. In 1851, the census shows that John was living with William, Margaret, John and Jane. Also with the family was John's sister Jane Woodward. Jane is noted as being unmarried, 50 years old, and an annuitant. This age does not exactly match the year of birth given above. Jane is also mentioned in the 1891 census and was living with her niece Margaret Annie Hauxwell and her family - she was then 92 years old.

In the 1881 census, John was living with William, still at the same address as in 1851. John was retired by then and aged 87 years. William was working as a grocer and was unmarried.

John died in 1890, aged 97 years. His death was registered by his son-in-law, William Hauxwell. The cause of death was noted as paraplegia.

I am presuming that Charles and Christiana were twins as they were christened on the same day and when they died, Charles in August 1838, Christiana in December 1838, they were both noted as being infants - ie under the age of 1 year. Jane died only two months after Christiana.

When William died in 1892, his assets went into administration due to him not leaving a will. A total of £250 11s was left to his sister Margaret Annie.