Paula Smith's Family History - Reeve/Reeves

***LAST UPDATED: 4th September 2005***

  • Henry Reeve (unknown)
  • Nicholas Reeve (1736/7-1817)
  • Henry Reeve (1767-unknown)
  • Susannah Reeve (1813-1904)







  • Henry Reeve (unknown)
married Ann in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Nicholas Reeve - Baptised 1736 (1737).
  2. Elizabeth Reeve - Baptised 1737 (1738).
  3. Ann Reeve - Baptised 1740.
  4. Henry Reeve - Baptised 1743.
  5. Ann Reeve - Baptised 1747.
Before 1752, the first day of the New Year was 26th March so, for example, 25th March 1750 would have been followed by 26th March 1751. The system continued until the calender was changed in 1751 so that 31st December was followed by 1st January 1752. All events before 1752 that occurred between 1st January and 25th March in a given year would, according to our modern calender, have occurred a year later than actually recorded at the time. The dates given above were the years recorded at the time of the baptism. The dates in brackets are for the modern calender. If there are no brackets then the baptism occurred after March of that year, so fall in line with the modern calender.

All the children were baptised at Meopham Parish Church.

I don't know much about Henry and Ann, but i do know they didn't marry in Meopham, and neither of them were buried there.

  • Nicholas Reeve (1736/1737 - 1817)
married (1) Mary Savage (unknown - 1775) at Luddesdown Parish Church in 1762. Known children:
  1. Elizabeth Reeve - Baptised 1763.
  2. Mary Reeve - Baptised 1764.
  3. Nicholas Reeve - Baptised 1766. Died 1773.
  4. Henry Reeve - Baptised 1767.
  5. Samuel Reeve - Baptised 1768. Died 1794 aged 25 years.
  6. John Reeve - Baptised 1770.
  7. Robert Reeve - Baptised 1771.
  8. Robert Reeve - Baptised 1773.
  9. Nicholas Reeve - Baptised 1774. Died 1774.
married (2) Susanna Crowhurst (unknown - 1800) at Meopham Parish Church in 1779. No known children.

When Nicholas and Mary married they were both noted as being from Luddesdown, they married by licence, and neither had been married before. The witnesses to the marriage were Robert Savage (preumably a relative of Mary's) and Susan Allchin.

All of Nicholas and Mary's children were baptised at Meopham Parish Church. Both sons named Nicholas were buried at Meopham, as was Samuel. When Samuel died it was noted that he was from Northfleet.

When Nicholas married Susanna, they married by licence. Susanna was a spinster, and signed her name with a 'X'.

Susanna died in 1800 aged 71 years, she was buried at Meopham Parish Church. Nicholas died in 1817 aged 81 years old, he was also buried at Meopham Parish Church.

  • Henry Reeve (1767 - unknown)
married Sarah Fairman (unknown) at Meopham Parish Church, Kent, in 1796. Known children:
  1. Henry Reeve - Buried Luddesdown, 1797.
  2. Henry Reeve - Baptised Luddesdown, 1798.
  3. John Reeve - Baptised Meopham, 1801.
  4. Elizabeth Reeve - Baptised Meopham, 1803. Died Meopham, 1804.
  5. Mary Ann Reeve - Baptised Meopham, 1804.
  6.  Nicholas Reeves - Baptised Snodland, 1809. Buried Meopham, 1811.
  7. Susan Reeves - Baptised Snodland, 1813. Married John Crosswell at Wateringbury, 1833. Died 1904.
  8. George Nicholas Reeves - Baptised Snodland, 1817. Buried Meopham, 1818 aged 5 months.
When Henry and Sarah married neither had been married before and both were from Meopham. They were married by banns, and Sarah signed her name with a 'X'. The witnesses to the marriage were William Corder and William Mungeam.

At the time of Nicholas' burial it was noted that he was from Snodland. The baptism records for the last two children show that Henry was a farmer.

The 1841 census shows Susan and John's daughter, Sarah Ann, living with an Elizabeth Reeves in West Malling. I had assumed Elizabeth was a sister of Susan's but i've been unable to find a baptism record for her - so i'm currently unsure of her relationship to Susan, if at all.

The 1841 census also shows Henry and Sarah living with their family in West Malling. By the time the 1851 census was taken, Henry had died.