Paula Smith's Family History - Johnson (2)

***LAST UPDATED: 11th December 2004***

  • James Johnson (unknown)
  • William Johnson (unknown)
  • Alice Johnson (1866- unknown)






  •    James Johnson
married unknown in an unknown year. Known children:
According to William's marriage certificate, James was a carpenter.

  • William Johnson

married Elizabeth Curtis (1838 - unknown) at St John Baptist Church, Summertown ,Oxford, in 1858. Known children

    1. Maria Johnson
    2. Eliza Johnson - Married Silas Coulter.
    3. Alice Johnson - Born 1866 In Penge, Surrey. Married George Albert Smith in 1886.
    4. Elizabeth Johnson
    5. Grace Johnson - Born 1872 in Lambeth, Surrey.
    6. Hannah Johnson
    7. William Johnson
    8. Mary Johnson

When William and Elizabeth married they were 22 years and 21 years old respectivley. William was working as a bricklayer (as he would throughout his life) and Elizabeth was working as a laundress. William gave his address as being Charlton, Kent. Their marrage was witnessed by George Curtis, Elizabeth's brother, and Ellen Spendlove.

In 1881, according to the census, the family were living in Plumstead, Kent. William, born in Lambeth, was working as a bricklayer. William's wife, Elizabeth was born in Oxford. The children were born in a variety of places - Sydenham, Croydon, Penge, Lambeth and Plumstead. 

I have been unable to find Elizabeth and the younger children in the 1891 census, while William was lodging elsewhere in Plumstead, along with his son William. The 1901 census gives William and Elizabeth living together in the same house as their daughter Eliza Coulter and her family. Eliza was a witness at Alice and George's marriage.

Elizabeth Curtis and Alice Johnson are part of my direct female line. Click here to view my direct female line.