Paula Smith's Family History - Curtis

***LAST UPDATED: 6th January 2006***

  • Joseph Curtis (unknown-1806)
  • Thomas Curtis (1795 -1841)
  • Elizabeth Curtis (1838 -unknown)







  • Joseph Curtis (unknown - 1806)
married Ann Medcroft (unknown - 1821) at Churchill Parish Church,Oxfordshire, in 1784. Known children:
  1. Mary Curtis - Baptised 1784, Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
  2. John Curtis - Baptised 1786, Charlbury. Buried 1787, Charlbury.
  3. Susanna Curtis - Baptised 1788, Charlbury.
  4. Elizabeth Curtis - Baptised 1792, Charlbury.
  5. Thomas Curtis - Baptised 1795, Charlbury.
  6. George Curtis - Baptised 1797, Charlbury.
  7. Sarah Curtis - Baptised 1799, Charlbury. Buried 1800, Charlbury.
  8. Joseph Curtis - Baptised 1804, Charlbury. Buried 1808, Charlbury.
Joseph and Ann were married by licence. Joseph was noted as being from Little Compton in Gloustershire (now in Warwickshire) and Ann was noted as being from Churchill. The witnesses to the marriage were George Brooks and William Mullington (William seems to have been a witness at many of the marriages in the parish around that time).

When John was buried it was noted that he was a pauper.

The Charlbury parish records also show that there was a burial for a John Jones Curtis in 1807 who was the illegitimate son of Mary Curtis. In 1818 Susanna Curtis gave birth to an illigetimate son, Samuel Curtis, who was later buried in 1819.

Joseph died in 1806 - no age was noted. Ann died in 1821 aged 62 years old.

  • Thomas Curtis (1795 - 1841)
married Ann Humphries (1798 - 1873) at Eynsham Parish Church in 1819. Known children:
  1. Sarah Curtis - christened 1820, Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
  2. Maria Curtis - christened 1822, Charlbury, Oxfordshire.
  3. Elizabeth Curtis - christened 1825, Charlbury, Oxfordshire. Died 1833 aged 7 years in Summertown, Oxford, buried at St Giles Church, Oxford.
  4. Mary Anne Curtis - christened 1827 in a private ceremony at St. Giles Church, Oxford. Died aged 12 years, buried at Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
  5. Eliza Curtis - christened 1829, St. Giles Church, Oxford
  6. Harriett Curtis - christened 1831, St. Giles Church, Oxford. Died 1833 aged 1 year in Summertown, Oxford, buried at St. Giles Church, Oxford.
  7. Thomas Curtis - christened 1833, St. Giles Church, Oxford. Died 1835 aged 1 year 10 months in the Workhouse, Summertown, Oxford, buried at Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
  8. Joseph Curtis - christened 1834, Summertown Parish Church, Oxford. Died 1835 aged 8 months in the Workhouse, Summertown, Oxford, buried at Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
  9. Josiah Curtis - christened 1836, Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
  10. Elizabeth Curtis - christened 1838, Summertown Parish Church, Oxford. Married William Johnson at Summertown Parish Church, 1858.
  11. George Curtis - christened Christmas Day 1839, Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
  12. Thomas Curtis - christened Christmas Day 1841, Summertown Parish Church, Oxford. Died aged 17 years 1859, buried at Summertown Parish Church, Oxford.
When Thomas married Ann, she was a young widow with a daughter who had been born in 1817. Their witnesses were Mary Riddle and Lucy Beauchamp. Thomas was a bachelor. Neither Thomas nor Ann could write as they both signed with a cross. The family moved to Charlbury, where Thomas was from, soon after the wedding.

Throughout his life, Thomas worked as a labourer. By 1827 the family had moved to Summertown, Oxford. Summertown was a small hamlet within the Parish of St. Giles, Oxford but not within the city boundaries. By 1833 Summertown was granted it's own church. Nowadays Summertown is within the city boundaries.

Elizabeth (b. 1825) and Harriett died within two days of each other. I presume that Eliza (b. 1829) also died, but I've not found a death entry, as a third daugther was named Elizabeth (b. 1838).  Josiah's christening entry gave the name Josiah, but census records give him as being named Joseph. It's possible he was named after his brother Joseph who died the previous year. Again, two sons were named Thomas - the first one dying as an infant.

The 1841 census shows the family living in Summertown. At this point Thomas hadn't been born, while the two older daughters, Sarah and Maria were still living at home. The census also shows a son named William aged about 15 years (and younger than Maria) also in the household. As of yet i've not found a baptism record for him.

Thomas died in 1841, aged 46 years, of an abcess. He was buried three days before the christening of their youngest child.

By the time of the 1851 census, Ann had remarried to Thomas Bates. The family were still living in Summertown. The census states that Thomas Bates was a gardener. Living in the household was William Bates (Thomas' son), Joseph Curtis (Josiah) - working as a farmers servant, Elizabeth Curtis (b. 1838), George Curtis and Thomas Curtis (b. 1841).

The 1861 census shows the family were still living in Summertown. In the household was Thomas Bates, Ann, Maria Curtis (unmarried and aged 40 years) - working as a laundress, George Curtis - working as an agricultural labourer, and Frederic G. Curtis aged 16 years. Frederic was noted as being the son of Thomas Bates. Due to his age he couldn't be a Curtis as he was born a few years after Thomas Curtis died. It turns out that Frederic George was Ann's grandson - his mother being Ann's eldest daughter by her first marriage, Ann Bennett. Ann George (nee Bennett) and her husband had both died by 1861 so it seems as though Frederic was living with his grandmother. The 1851 census shows Maria Curtis living with Ann George.

Ann died in 1873 aged 75 years. Ann and her daughter Elizabeth (born 1838) are part of my direct female line (see the link above).