Paula Smith's Family History - Smith (2)

***LAST UPDATED: 29th June 2005***

  • Samuel Smith (unknown)
  • Charles Smith (1799-unknown)
  • David Smith (1824-1891)
  • George Albert Smith (1867-unknown)
  • Grace Smith (1894-1971)







  • Samuel Smith
married Mary in an unknown year. Known children:
  1. Thomas Smith - Born and baptised 1796. Died 1797.
  2. Sarah Smith - Born 1797, baptised 1798 aged 5 weeks.
  3. Charles Smith - Born 1799, baptised aged 14 days.
  4. Lydia Smith - Born 1802, baptised aged 1 month.
All the children were baptised in Crondall, Hampshire. Thomas was also buried in Crondall.

So far i haven't been able to find either a marriage entry or burial entries for Samuel and Mary.

  • Charles Smith (1799 - unknown)

    married Lydia Court (1807 - unknown) on Christmas Day, 1825, in Bexley, Kent. Known children:
    1. David Smith - Christened 1824. Died 1891, East Wickham.
    2. Emma Smith - Christened 1826.
    3. Thomas Smith - Christened 1827.
    4. Eliza Smith - Christened 1828.
    5. Charles Smith - Christened 1831.
    6. Mary Smith - Christened 1835.
    7. Ellen Smith - Christened 1837.
    8. Alfred Smith - Christened 1839. Married Mary in an unknown year. Known children:
      1. Mary Smith
      2. Lydia Smith
    9. Ann Smith - Christened 1841.
    10. Jesse Smith - Christened 1842.
    11. Elizabeth Smith - Christened 1844.
    12. Priscilla Smith
    13. Alice Smith

All of Charles and Lydia's children were christened at St Mary's Church, Bexley. In the christening records the family, over the years, were given as living at Upton, Bridgen and Bexleyheath. Upton and Bridgen were small hamlets that by the 1880's had become part of Bexley. On all of the records Charles was recorded as being a labourer.

In the 1841 census a 2 week old child was recorded, this presumably was Ann. Ellen was not recorded in the census so she probably died as a baby. In the 1851 census the family were living in Plumstead, by this point Priscilla and Alice had been born, Jesse had presumably died, and Mary had either married or died.

In the 1871 census I found a record of an Alfred Smith of a similar comparable age living in Plumstead. Also living at the same address, in separate rooms, was a Lydia Smith, also of a similar comparable age. Due to the similarity I'm sure that these are the Alfred and Lydia of this family. Lydia was by this time a widow and a pauper.

  • David Smith (1824 - 1891)

    married Mary Ann Eves in an unknown year. Known children:
    1. William Smith
    2. Robert John Smith
    3. Jane Maria Smith - Born and christened 1855. Buried 1856 aged 7 months.
    4. Charles John Smith - Born and christened 1858. Buried 1858 aged 3 months.
    5. John Alfred Smith - Born and christened 1860. Buried 1860 aged 3 months.
    6. Emma Ann Smith - Born and christened 1862. Buried 1863 aged 11 months.
    7. Alice Smith - Born and christened 1864. Buried 1864 aged 4 weeks.
    8. Arthur Henry Smith - Born and christened 1865. Buried 1865 aged 7 weeks.
    9. George Albert Smith - Born and christened 1867.
    10. Frederick Smith - Born 1869, christened 1870.

All of the children, except Robert and William, were christened at St Michael's Church, East Wickham, Kent. I haven't found any information regarding Robert and William from the IGI, only from census records. From the census records they were born in Plumstead, so were probably christened there.

David died in East Wickham, 1891. His causes of death were congestion of the lungs - 10 days, bronchial asthma and emphysema - several years. His death was registered by his son Robert, who was living in Plumstead.

In the 1851 census David and Mary were living in Plumstead. At this point there were no children. Also living at the same residence was a James Eves, possibly the brother of Mary?

In the 1861 census, the family were living in East Wickham. The only children recorded in the census were Robert and William.

In the 1871 census the family were still living in East Wickham, the only children recorded were Robert, George and Frederick. Robert was working at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich.

In the 1881 census only the two youngest children, George and Frederick, were living with David and Mary. Both David and George were recorded as being agricultural labourers, and Frederick was a scholar. For all of the census' Mary was recorded as coming from Erith, Kent. The baptism records of St John's Church, Erith, for 1813-1829 were badly burnt during the 1870's so I've been unable to find a baptism record for Mary to confirm her parents.

I've been unable to locate David and Mary's marriage record. They may have married in Plumstead - but this I need to investigate further.

  • George Albert Smith (1867 - unknown)

     married Alice Johnson (1866 - unknown) in the Registry Office in the district of Woolwich, 1886. Known children:
    1. Edith Mary Smith - Christened 1892.
    2. Lily Smith - Born 1888, christened 1895.
    3. Alice Smith - twin of Ethel. Born 1889, christened 1895.
    4. Ethel Smith - twin of Alice. Born 1889, christened 1895.
    5. Owena Eliza Smith - Christened 1892. Died 1892 aged 0 years.
    6. Frederick Smith
    7. Grace Smith - Born 1894, East Wickham, Kent. Christened 1895. Married Alfred Francis Theakston at Reading Register Office, 1915. Died in Chelsea, 1971.
    8. Louisa Smith
    9. Dorothy Smith
    10. Jane E. Smith
    11. Eliza Clara Smith - Born and christened 1900.
    12. George Albert Smith - Buried 1906 aged 4 years.
    13. Violet Smith - Buried 1906 aged 3 months.
    14. Elsie Joy Smith - Christened 1906.

At the time of their marriage both George and Alice were 18 years old, although George is recorded as being 13 on their marriage certificate - which is obviously incorrect. Both were living in Plumstead, Kent at the time of their marriage. A witness at the marriage was William Johnson - presumably the father of Alice.

Edith and Owena were christened in private ceremonies a week apart from each other in 1892. From the census records Edith would have been about 6 at this time. George and Alice seemed to have their children christened later on in childhood or if very ill. I'm curious as to why the twins and Lily weren't christened at the same time as they were all alive in 1892. In a single ceremony in 1895 Grace, Alice, Ethel and Lily were all christened, although Frederick wasn't. I am quite confused as to the order of birth for the George and Alice's children due to my not finding christening records for some children and finding some for others - the same is true with burial records. Edith, Owena, Grace, Alice, Ethel, Elsie and Lily were all christened at St Michael's Church, East Wickham. George Albert (junior) and Violet were buried in St Michael's churchyard - I haven't found a christening record for these two children. I have assumed they are George and Alice's children as the address given as them living at when they died, 14 Orchard Road, Welling, is the same as that given for Elsie at the time of her christening, where her parents names were noted. Eliza Clara was christened at the church in Welling, and presumably she died before the 1901 census was taken.

From the 1901 census, George and his family were living in Welling, Kent. George was working as a labourer at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. George's wife, Alice, was recorded as being born in Sydenham, Kent.

The 1891 census shows the family living in East Wickham, with George working as a farm labourer.

According to Grace's marriage certificate, George was working as an arsenal worker at the time of the marriage.