Paula Smith's Family History - Smith (4)

***LAST UPDATED: 11th December 2004***

  • William Smith (unknown)
  • George Pickford Smith (unknown-1879)
  • Sophia Smith (b.abt1844-1936)







  • William Smith

married Amelia Pickford at Manchester Cathedral, 1806. Known children:
According to William's marriage entry he was working as grocer and was a bachelor. Amelia was a spinster. Both William and Amelia signed their names. On George's marriage certificate he gave William as being a tanner.

I haven't yet found George's baptism record to confirm that William and Amelia were his parents or when he was born, but it does seem likely they are his parents due to their names and location.

  • George Pickford Smith (d.1879)

    married Sophia Croft (1814 - 1881) at the Parish Church in Woolwich, 1842. Known children:
      1. Emma Smith - Born 1841, Faversham Kent. Christened at St Mary of Charity Church, Faversham, 1841. Married James Baker.
      2. Frances Smith - Married William Eldrigde.
      3. Sophia Smith. Married William Thomas Billingsley in Islington, 1868. Died Islington 1936 aged 91 years.
      4. Eliza Smith
      5. William Smith

    George and Sophia married on New Year's Day in 1842. Both were of full age. George was noted as being a grocer. Thier daughter Emma had been born 5 months earlier.

    Throughout his life, George worked as a commercial traveller. In the 1871 census George is noted as being born in St Mary's, Manchester.

    George died in Islington Infirmary, 1879, aged 76 years. The cause of death was paralysis. Sophia died in 1881, aged 67 years, of bronchitis. In the 1881 census, Eliza and William were both still living at home.