Paula Smith's Family History - Croft

(also known as Craft)

***LAST UPDATED: 1st November 2005***

  • John Craft (unknown- 1839)
  • Sophia Croft (1814-1881)







  • John Craft (unknown - 1839)
married (1)  Frances White at Davington Parish Church, Kent, in 1789. Known children:
  1. Mary Ann Craft - Baptised 1791, Davington.
  2. John Craft - Baptised 1793, Oare.
  3. Sarah Craft - Baptised 1795, Davington. Buried 1797, Oare, Kent.
  4. Sarah Craft - Baptised 1798, Davington.
married (2) Mary (unknown - 1852) at Faversham Parish Church, Kent, in 1802. Known children:
  1. Frances Craft - Baptised 1803, Davington.
  2. Sophia Craft - Baptised 1806, Davington. Buried 1810, Oare.
  3. William Craft - Baptised 1808, Davington.
  4. George Craft - Baptised 1810, Oare. Buried 1814, Luddenham, Kent, aged 3 years.
  5. Sophia Craft - Baptised 1814, Luddenham. Married George Pickford Smith in 1842. Died 1881, Islington, London.
At the time of John's marriage to Frances it was noted that he was from Faversham and Frances was from Davington.

I haven't found a burial entry for Frances yet so I'm not completely sure of when she died.

At the time of John's marriage to Mary they were both widow(er)s. Mary's married name was Springate. John and Mary married they were noted as both being from Faversham. Neither could write as they both signed with a 'X'. The witnesses were a John and Jane Springate - presumably relations of Mary's first husband, James. I haven't managed to locate the burial record for Mary's first husband. Nor have i located Mary and James' marriage entry to find out what Mary's maiden name was. I have found baptism entries for two of Mary and James' children Eleanor (1795) and Elizabeth (1797) at Faversham Parish Church.

When Sophia (the first so-named daughter) was buried and when George was baptised, both in 1810, it was noted that the family were from Davington.

When Sophia (the second so-named daughter) was baptised it was noted that John was a farmer.

When Sophia married her surname was noted as Croft so this is the surname i've used for my title.

John died in 1839 aged 77 years old. It was noted that he had been a labourer. He died from an 'affection of the lungs' whilst living at Ospringe, Kent.. His death was registered by Alice Sherwood of Ospringe. As of yet i don't know if she was of any relation to John.

During my searches i also found out that John's daughter Sarah had an illegitimate daughter, also named Sarah, who was baptised at Oare in 1820. Eleanor Springate, Mary's daugher by her previous husband, was buried at Luddenham Parish Church in 1813 aged 18 years old.

At the time of the 1841 census Mary and Sophia were living together in Faversham. At this point Sophia would have been pregnant with her first child, Emma. The 1851 census shows Mary living with her married daughter, Frances Chaney, and her family. Mary died in 1852.