Paula Smith's Family History - Harvey

***LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2004***

  • Isaac Harvey  (unknown -1891)
  • Joseph Frost Harvey (1851-unknown)
  • Kate Maria Harvey (1881-unknown)







  • Isaac Harvey (d. 1891)

    married Malvina Clark (b.abt 1826-1888) at St Mary's Parish Church, Newington, London, in 1849. Known children:
    1. William Walter Clark Harvey - Born Battersea, 1850.
    2. Joseph Frost Harvey - Born Battersea, 1851.
    3. Mary Harvey
    4. Malvina Harvery
    5. John Harvey
    6. Harry Harvey

Isaac and Malvina were both of full age when they married. Isaac's father, also Isaac, was noted as being deceased. Malvina's father, William Clark, was noted as being a shoemaker.

Throughout his life, Isaac worked as a baker.

Isaac died at the Lambeth Workhouse Infirmary in 1891, aged 77 years. His cause of death was bronchitis. Malvina died at St. Thomas Hospital in 1888, aged 63 years. Her cause of death was chronic peritonitus.

  • Joseph Frost Harvey (b. 1851-unknown)

    married Eliza Baskett (1849 - unknown) St Paul's Parish Church, Greenwich, in 1874. Known children:
    1. Edmund J. Harvey - Born Notting Hill.
    2. William G. Harvey - Born Notting Hill.
    3. Elizabeth M. Harvey - Born Hammersmith.
    4. Kate Maria Harvey - Born Hammersmith, 1881. Married William James Smith at St Peters Church, Hammersmith, in 1897.
    5. Hetty Harvey - Born Hammersmith.
    6. John Harvey - Born Hammersmith.
    7. Alfred Harvey - Born Hammersmith.

Joseph and Eliza were both of full age when they married. At the time of the marriage, Joseph was working as a baker. Eliza's father, John Baskett, was recorded as being a boot maker. One of the witnesses at the wedding was Maria Baskett, presumably a sister of Eliza.

In both the 1881 and 1901 censuses, the family were living on the same road (but different houses) in Hammersmith. In 1901 the family were living in the same house as Kate with her husband and family. In the 1901 census Joseph was recorded as being deaf.

In the 1891 census the family were living in four rooms of the same house as in 1901. Edmund was working as an electrician, and William as an errand boy. The other children were all at school. I am confused about the identity of Hetty and John. These two children are both mentioned in the 1901 census, and are 13 and 11 years old. But, in the 1891 census there are two children with different names but of the same relative age. There is a daughter called Ellen S. aged 3 years, and a son called Montague J. aged 1 years. It's possible that Montague J. was known as John and so recorded in 1901. This needs more investigation which I am in the process of carrying out.