Paula Smith's Family History - Thorp/Thorpe

***LAST UPDATED: 12th March 2005***

  • David Thorp (unknown)
  • Richard Thorp  (1817-1875)
  • Charlotte Thorp (1845-1903)







  • David Thorp

    married Mary Eansley (d. 1873) at All Saints Church, Fulham, in 1812. Known children:
    1. David Thorp - Born Hammersmith, 1812. Christened in St Paul's Church, 1812.
    2. James Thorp - Christened in St Pauls Church, Hammersmith, 1815.
    3. Richard Thorp - Christened in St. Pauls Church, 1817.
    4. Mary Ann Thorp - Christened in St Pauls Church, 1820.
    5. Jonathan Thorp - Christened in St Pauls Church, 1823.
    6. Esther Thorp - Christened in St Pauls Church, 1825.

When David and Mary married, they were both noted as being 'of this parish'. Neither of them could write as they both signed their names with a 'X'.

David was noted as being a labourer in all of his children's baptism records. The 1821 and 1831 census records for Hammersmith survive. These records just gave the name of the head of the household and a few other details. The 1821 census gives David living in Ship Lane, Hammersmith, in a household of 5 males and 2 females in one house, David was working in agriculture. The 1831 census gives David living in Lower Mall, with 5 males and an unreadable number of females in one house, only one male above of the age of 20 was working in agriculture. The 1851 census gives David as being born in Oakingham, Wiltshire. Oakingham is a very old, and now defunct, name for Wokingham. Wokingham was under the Diocese of Salisbury, Wiltshire, so was often refered to as being in Wiltshire . It is now classed as being in Berkshire. The census record gives David as being a pauper and an owner of a water cart but formerly a farm labourer. Mary was born in Frimley, Surrey, which is only a few miles away from Wokingham.

The 1861 census shows Mary visiting her daughter Mary Ann. The 1871 census shows Mary and her son James were living at the same address as during the 1851 census. By this time Mary was a widower, while James never married.

At the time of the Mary's death, in 1873, she was 85 years old.

  • Richard Thorp (1817 - 1875)

     married Mary Fisher in 1840. Known children:
    1. William Richard Thorp - Born Fulham, 1841. Christened at St Mary's Church, West Kensington, 1841.
    2. Mary Elizabeth Thorp - Born Fulham, 1843. Christened at St Mary's Church, 1843.
    3. Charlotte Thorp - Born Fulham, 1845. Christened at St Mary's Church, 1845. Married Joseph Smith at St. Peter's Church, Hammersmith, on Christmas Eve 1870.
    4. Louisa Thorp - Born Fulham, 1847. Christened at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith, 1848.
    5. Esther Thorp - Born Fulham, 1849. Christened at St Mary's Church, 1850.
    6. James Richard Thorp - Born Fulham, 1852. Christened at St Mary's Church, 1852.
    7. Flora Sarah Thorp - Born Fulham, 1854. Christened at St Mary' Church, 1854.
    8. Richard Thorp - Born Fulham, 1857. Christened at St Paul's Church, 1857.
    9. Emily Thorp

The records of the Edward Latymer Charity School in Hammersmith show that Richard was a pupil at the school. He was admitted on the 7th May 1825. The school gave boys from working class backgrounds an education.

From 1841 until at least 1854 the family were living in North End, Fulham. The 1851 census give Mary as being born in Twyford. The 1851 census also shows that Richard and his family were living in the same street as his parents and his brother Jonathon's family. Another brother, James, was living with their parents. Richard, James and Jonathan are all recorded as being coal heavers - possibility they all worked together?

On Charlotte's marriage certificate, Richard was recorded as working as a carman - and the surname was spelt 'Thorpe'.

The 1871 census shows that by that time, RIchard was a widower. He was sharing his house with two of his daughters, a son-in-law, and two grandchildren.

Richard died in 1875 aged 58 years.