Paula Smith's Family History - Holder

*** Last Updated  29th June 2005 ***

  • William Holder (unknown- 1839)
  • Susan Holder (b.abt 1816- 1878)

  • William Holder (unknown - 1839)
married Susannah Peddington (unknown - 1852) married at St Mary's Church, Ealing, in 1807. Known children:
  1. William Holder - Baptised 1796. Buried 1797.
  2. James Holder - Born and baptised 1798.
  3. Anne Holder - Born and baptised 1801.
  4. Elizabeth Holder - Born, baptised and buried 1803.
  5. Sarah Holder - Born and baptised 1804. Buried 1805.
  6. Matthew Holder - Born and baptised 1808.
  7. William Holder - Buried when an infant, 1811.
  8. Mary Holder - Buried aged 17 days, 1813.
  9. Susan Holder - Married Joseph Smith in 1844.
When William and Susannah married (by banns) they were both 'of this parish' and neither had been married before. Witnesses to the marriage were Charles Atlee and Matthew Pe____. - i couldn't read the name written but it may have been Peddington. So it seems as though William and Susannah married several years after starting a family.

All the children were baptised and (if mentioned) buried at St Paul's Church, Hammersmith. I haven't been able to find a baptism record for Susan.

The 1821 and 1831 census records for Hammersmith still survive. The 1821 census shows a family in Little Wapping headed by William Holder occupying one house (with no other families). In the family were four males and 3 females. William was noted as falling under the trade/manufacture/handicraft occupation category. The 1831 census in Wapping shows William Holder and his family living in one house (again, with no other families). There was one male in the family, but i couldn't read the number of females. The one male (upwards of 20 years) fell into the fisherman/miner/boatman/roadmaker occupation category. Susan's marriage certificate gave William's occupation as being a fisherman.

Records still survive for Edward Latymers Charity School in Hammersmith. In 1806 James Holder was admitted (his date of birth given as 1798) into John Young's room. He was later dismissed although there is no record as to when or why. In 1817 Matthew Holder was admitted (date of birth given as 1808). The school was set up to provide boys from a working class background the chance to learn to read and write.

William died in 1839 aged 74 years old. He was buried at St. Paul's Church, Hammersmith.

The 1851 census shows Susannah living with her daughter Susan and family (See Smith(1) census records).

Susannah died in 1852 apparently aged 88 years old. From baptism records I think she was actually 10 years younger, but i write more about that when i create the Peddington pages.