Paula Smith's Family History - William Billingsley's Inquest Report

***LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2004***

  • John Billingsley (unknown)
  • Edward Billingsley (1814-1876)
  • William Thomas Billingsley (1847-1910)
  • William Billingsley (1873-1923)
  • Arthur Billingsley (1918-1991)
  • Jennifer Billingsley (1952-present)







The following is from the Fulham Chronicle, 1923.

Halford Road Man's Death

An inquest was held at the Fulham Coroner's Court, on Wednesday afternoon, concerning the death of William Billingsley, a taxi driver, aged 50. Mrs Ellen Billingsley, 33 Halford Road, Fulham identified the body as that of her husband, and said that he was a journeyman driver. He saw a doctor several months ago, and was treated for chronic neuritis in his arms. He was laid up for about six weeks, and then resumed his work. On Thursday, August 23rd, he told her he had hurt his shin. He said that he had slipped up on the footplate of the cab while getting into it. She examined it when he told her, and it seemed a small graze. He saw a doctor the same evening, who gave him some lotion. He went to work the next day, but complained of the injury. He worked on Friday, but not on Saturday. On Saturday and Sunday he remained in bed, and he was afterwards treated as an out-patient at St George's Hospital. He was afterwards removed to the Fulham Infirmary, and died there on September 9th.

Dr. Parsons, Medical Superintendent, Fulham Infirmary, said the man was admitted on September 5th suffering from an ulcer of the left leg, which was surrounded by cellulitis which had extended nearly to the knee. He was in a very serious condition, and the cellulitis gradually extended upwards. He was too ill to undergo an operation, and died on September 9th. Witness had since made a postmortem examination and found that the body was well nourished, but there was an excess of fat. He found the injury as described, with a tendency to gangrene. the cause of death was blood posioning and heart failure, following the injury to the leg.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of "Accidental Death".