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***25th April 2005***
I am now starting to add photos of my ancestors. Click on list of surnames, then find the family of interest. From there you should be able to navigate to 'Photo Galleries'. If you have any problems with the links or viewing the photos please let me know.

For some time I've been thinking of researching my family history. I find this subject both interesting and daunting. Interesting because you never know what stories you might find from the past, and daunting for exactly the same reason!

Ok so my surname is Smith and researching that is not easy especially when my family comes from London....there are just a few Smith's lurking around! So far I have found FIVE, yes five, separate branches of Smith (including the obvious one) of yet I haven't found any inbreeding! But there are some much rarer surnames in my family which have been much easier to investigate.

Since I began my research (in June 2002) my main focus has been on my direct ancestors, not the branches. If I have come across other information regarding siblings and their spouses/children I have included it on my website.

I'm still researching, so the web pages will be changing as and when I have some new information.

Just a quick note as to how I've ordered the web pages. If I have information regarding a couple's children etc then they will be listed under the father, due to them having his surname! So because of this, if my direct ancestor is male his surname page will generally contain more information than that of my female direct ancestors. Hope that makes sense!

The defining relationships page shows relationships between individuals. It does not refer to specific members of my family but is to be used as more of a guide.

Please let me know what you think of this website and/or if you think we have an ancestor in common and wish to share information. For reasons of privacy I have not published the exact dates of people's births/marriages/deaths etc.